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Rabbit culling

Need effective methods for controlling farming pests? Get regular contract work to keep places prone to recurrent infestations as clean as possible. At A & R Pest Control, we'll minimise and control agricultural pests effectively in no time! You can also get a vermin control and fumigation service which includes pest eradication and regular farming land inspections. Based in Filey, our service locations are Scarborough, Bridlington, Driffield, Pickering and Malton. Get one month FREE when you take out a contract with us. Just mention Yell/KG when you call to discuss your new contract.



Have an expert team with full public liability insurance upto the value of  £5 million, so you can rest assured no manner of pests or related misfortune will negatively impact your farm or small hold.


We specialise in large commercial spaces like farms and removal of problem insects so if you own a productive farm, we can help your yield. Due to our years of experience and our operatives are fully trained to RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management so you rely on us to keep your crops and live stock free from the ravages of pests with regular monthly contracted visit to your farm.

Why rely on our commercial pest control service?

'Flat cap' rabbit control

•  Free onsite survey to assess your pest problem

•  Experienced pest control technicians

•  Professional and discreet service

•  Commercial risk assessments for commercial clients

•  Fully insured for your peace of mind

Are you a crop farmer whose profits are getting affected due to rabbit menace? In addition to modern vermin control methods, A & R Pest Control also offer 'flat-cap days' using ferrets, nets and guns. We'll make sure your field is pest free.


Our agricultural pest control services are for vermin, wasp nests, ants, cockroaches, feral pigeons and other birds, moles and rats. If you any specific requirement, get in touch with us for tailored agricultural pest control services in and around Filey.

Effective agricultural pest control services

•  Pest proofing

•  Basic training on signs of pest activity

•  Agricultural pest monitoring service

Looking to eliminate the breeding ground of pests in your agricultural field? Contact us for agricultural pest control services today!

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